Friday, May 27, 2005

murray notes

Just taking time out to make notes of graeme's suggestions on the use of murray math lines

Sell @7/8 close @4/8
buy@1/8 close @4/8
sell@8/8 close @6/8
buy @0/8 close @ 2/8

right - 12 noon here in the uk and no trades have triggered yet - going out soon but will report later on results of set and forget trades

there was a reasonable hilda trade today at around 8am for a long cable at 8227 - trade wouldve closed around 45 for +18 - remember to log this one soul.

im finding this new method of set and forget trading much better - im finding time to do things like this blog and also getting to grips with my other businesses.

Great thing is that is really doing well as i can set the trade in the morning and totally forget about it till later - mike is right when he says 'dont sweat the action' it so much less stressful than my usual trading style.

On saying that the system has had a stinking month up to press and this may well be the first ever losing month in 3 years of data trading it.

On saying that its actually -7 on the month as we speak but there are still 3 trading days left inc today so best not try to guess the final outcome for May :)

for those reading this blog youve not seen pervious resuls so dont take these small numbers as typical cos it isnt - normally its around the 1000 pips a month mark which when used with decent levels of trading is enough for anyone

later folks

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