Monday, June 13, 2005

The Good Old Welsh eh?

Anyway, wow what a boring day today


Hilda - 87 pips
Steady Eddie - -13 pips
Grail +19 pips

Total system trades for the day 93 pips

Steady eddie will be going through a name change soon - want something dynamic like Viper or Trademaster. Gonna open this one up to you lot - any suggestions?

If one is suggested and thats the one i use then the winner gets a copy of the fst system 2 ebook for a freebie.

catch ya all tomorrow

6 comments: said...

Hi Soul,

I have few names for Steady Eddie. Could I send you an email and if so what is your id?

Lukkas said...

Hey Soul,
I have an idea for the name for steady eddie. "Baroque-Trading-System" BTS. This would be a good name cause you system seems to involve slow progression towards harmony, i.e. profits. Plus, sounds classy, not gimmicky. At least I think so.

Soultrader said...

vbhoopas - comments in the blog only plse

Anonymous said...

Suggested names :

- Tomahawk
- Las Vegas system
- Apache


spahiu said...

how about boozer eddie ?
PS. i don't want the ebook

Doug said...

How about Tyche the greek god of random good luck or perhaps Fortuna - who's name actaully means "lot distributor"