Saturday, June 04, 2005

Long Weekend

With NFP Yesterday and a shedload of work i didnt manage to find any time for trading and certainly not for blogging.

Anyway, ive had a thought - would any of you lot that actually read this be interested in me doing a few training video's to share with you?

Hell, they might be crap :) - i aint the best trader in the world by any account but if youre interested in me doing some then make a comment - if there's enough then ill have a go sometime next week.

If youre interested then ill start with a simple overview (from my perspective anyway) of support and resistance and how to get it right.

lemme know in the comments.

have a great weekend!!


Chris Lee said...

Hi ST - nice work with the blog.

I'd definitely be interested in some training videos - It would be interesting to see your take on things.

Keep up the good work fella


Mark said...

Sure. Make the first video and see what sort of responses you get.

Jaz said...

Good idea.
I wouldn't miss an opportunity to learn from the more experienced.

tbapnc said...

I agree with mark. Probably the best way would be to make the first one and then see what response it generates. Without a doubt I'd like to see what you'd make, as there is no such thing as having too much information and the learning in trading never ends (errr at least if you want to stay trading ;) )

Ben said...


Fist to all, sorry for my poor English... I'm a french girl ! lol

Off course, I'm very interesting for to learn your system in forex (based in Murray Math I think)). It looks to give very well results !

Thank you


Soultrader said...

no, i dont use Murray babe - just good ole tech analasys

I wont reveal the system im using tho unless it relates at the time to one on the website

For the next week im trading grail so i should have time to put a video together

keep watching :)

mart-hart said...

All very nice Soul, Videos would be nice to see.
You forget Blues Brothers from your favourite films list ?

vinny said...

Looking forward to your video. Thanks in advance

excav said...

Hi Soul, Have been following you for the last year in the forum, and picked up a lot of insights, especially when you started those few live sessions with snow and the others.
I would definately be interested in some videos showing your style of looking at the charts.
Thanks for the effort you put in to helping others, I hope it comes back to reward you.