Friday, June 17, 2005

Thursdays Trades

not such a good day - in fact was quite pissed off today

system trades were as follows

Steady eddie -2
Grail -58
Hilda +120

system trades = 60 pips

Now let me tell you why i was pissed off - i had a nice trade long from 8205 which went to +70 at one point - i let this trade slip back to +5 before being stopped - just cos i was looking at some hookey system.

very foolish and made me angry.

Anyway - i think today may well be the end of the road for steady eddie - its not doing what its supposed to do which is to make small profits most days - backtest results had a bug in them so i think that it will die a death very soon.

Maybe i should just concentrate on perfecting hilda whilst playing grail on the other account.

Oh, the life of a systems developer!!

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