Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Well, another big day for the EU with the Dutch voting on the constitution today.

Already we are seeing the freefall expected from a no vote as if its a foregone conclusion - remember sell the rumour buy the fact is the old saying.

Ive Taken 3 trades today

short cable 8170
short euro 2281
long swissy 2504

swissy aint doing that well at the mo but the other two are rolling - not gonna sweat the action and just see where we are later today.

there was a beautiful hilda signal this morning at 1.8201 on cable which wouldve closed for 30 safe pips euro had one at 1.2324 for 49 pips and swissy long from 2459 for 37 - the swissy was preceeded with a failed one for -4 so still looking good, not a bad morning in all :)

Will report back later today with grail results


Ben said...

Thanks Soul for your answer.
Can I join the chat room to wtach you guys trade or is it private ?
Thanks again,

Soultrader said...

private mate - sorry

Ben said...

no pb, I understand.
Good Luck