Monday, July 18, 2005

End of day - Monday

trades taken today - all hilda - last one is still open but will be closed later via laptop

+74 on closed trades and 10 locked in on current short


Funky said...

Looking lovely with your trades! Just happened to surf in here from the vast cyberspace. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Hi Soultrader,
Awesome trades so far! Anyway, just had a question that popped my mind. With all due respect, why are you resorting to PPC advertising on your blog? Isn't the compensation you get a measly fraction of what Hilda gets you?

Joseph said...

I too just saw this site and read it from back to front. I like the design by the way. Anyway, do you have a timeframe for when you will be selling Hilda and when you're seminar will take place? Lastly, when you do sell Hilda, will it be around 200-300GBP like you said?
"I along with others are trading this live in our chat room so ill have plenty of testimonials. However the 2k price tag will not come into effect until after one month during which time it will be available at around 10% of that price so dont panic."

sv said...

Hi ST,

Re Hilda and the seminar, what plans do you have for those who are not fortunate to live in England and able to attend.

Soultrader said...

ok, answers - if the ppc ads arent better than this then they can go - dont really think that forex people want to know about breast implants!!

2nd - the system is actually far removed from the original hilda that i began working with and so first it will be renamed and second IF i sell it it wont be cheap ... EVER so if youre hoping to get it for £200 forget it.

The posts and questions here have forced me to have a good think about this ... maybe i wont sell it after all.

keep em peeled