Friday, July 29, 2005

end of week results

week end Hilda Trades are above

today was crap to begin with, no decent hilda trades visible so i went hilda scalping for a while.

Finally we got a really good signal on the 5 which was the long from 67. some of the users closed at the double zero for 38, some at 05 for 43 - the system closed at 90 for 23.

this is why i say that stops and exits are a personal thing - some people have more risk aversion than others and as such i teach several methods of exiting the trades to suit differing personalities.

Its not been an outstanding week for hilda like last week was as weve had two days of relatively choppy movement - however she's managed to have just one loser from 17 trades which equates to 94% winning ratio - possibly the best yet for a whole week.

Next week i begin formal training of the first Hilda users that have bought the system and very soon im sure one of them will comment on the blog (or elsewhere) giving you some more feedback from a paying client point of view.

Thanks for reading this week and also for the support those who have written have given me support.

Till next week take care :)


Feeaga said...

I enjoy reading your blog very much, keep up the good work.

Soultrader said...

thanks :)

Anonymous said...


For your last trade (the one where you went LONG from 67), was it based off the CLASSIC prime hidden divergence?

Thanks in advance!

Soultrader said...

no, hilda doesnt take any notice of divergence - sometimes its there sometimes it isnt. always helps to confirm i suppose.

but the last trade was actually classic hilda - couldnt get a better example

Meridex said...

Hi Soul,
Any reason why you took me off your link exchange?

Soultrader said...

sorry mate - i screwed up the design at one point and couldnt remember em all.

mind you - would help me do it quicker if i was top of your list :)