Friday, July 15, 2005

Fridays Trades

End of the week then and time to review my forexpeditions


Grail closed for +48 which now puts it +63 on the month

Hil;da trades today were +46 +87 and one still open at +27 at time or writing (short cable from 1.7550) which i will close before i call it a day.

all in all a very good day and a cracking week.

i did take a few discretionary trades based on hilda and lost two for -10 and -12 - had i waited for the full signals it would have been another 100% day

thats it for me, gonna call it a week and hope to catch you all on monday :)


spahiu said...

at one time yesterday there were a lot of google ads, what happen to them? you took out the google search also...any specific reason for doing that?

spahiu said...

just noticed you took out the links towards the blogs, and you were my biggest referral :(..guess u're promoting only soul's sites from now on :)

Soultrader said...

theyll all come back mate - just screwed the design up at one point :)