Monday, July 25, 2005

Hilda results 25/7/05

todays trades +74 on hilda , keep em comin babe :)

sorry not had much to write about today - just up to the neck in it from the weekend.

Ive opened a new account with cmc today and decided imk closing the broker accounts totally for tax purposes. Those who dont know will be suprised to know that spread betting is exactly the same to the end user as actual trading - but TAX FREE! so can you blame us in the uk for using em?

ill detail my experiences with cmc for you tomorrow for those looking for a broker as the spreadbet platform is identical to the fx platform of theirs anyway.

till then toodle pip!


duckfu said...

hmmm. where do I apply for British citizenship?

jake said...

what time zone are your trades timed at ? GMT,EST .......?

Soultrader said...

its not your fault, its mine - i live in the uk and always get confused when its british summer time.

if i fil in the sheet when i start the trade then i use my local time which is gmt-1 - but if i do it after the trade i forget and just put metatrader time. - if you cant see the entry just go back an hour and thats prob where it is.

sorry, ill try to get it to bst all the time