Friday, July 22, 2005

Trades for the week

ok, if you click the picture above you will see a blow up version.

Hilda has had an extraordinary week, but then who hasnt - this week has been beautiful trading and i hope that youve all made good pips


spahiu said...

the pic is from u're broker statement, or your using another software?

Soultrader said...

no, thats just a spreadsheet detailing the hilda's.

my broker includes the grail trades and also others i take on longer time swings on ej so its pointless showing it - they dont offer any more confidence anyway cos all can be edited if someone wanted to so whats the point

next week some sales will become trainees - then you'll see the truth about hilda from their experiences which im sure they will be able to comment on here.

Soultrader said...

ps, hope you had a good week mate and your birthday week turned out better that it began.

have a great weekend - im outta here

Borderline said...

First week using the system...
thanks Soul... + 152 pips in a tentative test. This was real money I was using; the only way to truly test a system.

If I get 50 a week out of it, I will be a happy camper, but at the moment, it looks golden.

Borderline said...

BTW... Art sends his regards.

spahiu said...

thx soul....i didn't trade, except on monday.. just got things sorted out

hope next week will still have the volatility so i can recup on the pips i missed :)

duckfu said...

Spectacular results, and a spectacular week overall.


Anonymous said...

Dear Soul,
Great Work , I have Some questions about the system :
1- seems the system is trend Trading System, did you test it on Ranging Market.
2- How Long Have you Live Tested the System?
3- I see that you mainly work on GBPUSD , Does the system trade other currencie ?
4- Do You have Pre defined Stop / Target , Or You take the entry from the system and wait until exit sign Comes whatever with profit and loss?

Thanks in advance.

Soultrader said...

hi, thanks for the questions.

email me direct and ill be happy to answer you

Joe said...

Soul, I don't mean to be rude, but I think everyone deserve to know the answers to the above questions.


Soultrader said...

ok, ill do an faq page tomorrow :)

Rob said...


I am just trying to look at the trades on a chart. There are several wehere the time or price just do not seem to match. For example: 20/7 0740 and 1540, but there are others. Most of the trades I can match to the chart exactly. What am I doing wrong?