Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Tuesday - HILDA just gets better!

Sorry that i cant post a picture - for some reason bloggerbot is offline so im having to type the numbers in today

I closed last nights short this morning as stated earlier - maybe i shouldve kept it open but weve done ok anyway

all trades are hilda as follows:

from last night
short 1.7527 close 1.7438 +93


short 1.7428 close 1.7399 +29

short 1.7398 close 1.7397 +1

short 1.7417 close 1.7387 +30

short 1.7387 close 1.7371 +16

total trades for hilda +76 in addition to closing the +93 = +169 for the day

last 2 days = 244 pips for 11 trades - 10 winners 1 loser = 90.9% win/loss ratio

I wasnt around for one of those trades but larry and the gang took it so it gets logged.

also can i ask you to be constructive for me please and answer these questions in the comments field

Im considering starting a signals service based on HILDA but am interested to know your views on the following.

1) what do you actually expect from a signals source?

2) what has pissed you off about signals services in the past?

3)_ what sort of pip count do you consider to be a successful signals service and over how long a period?

4) what sort of guarantee would you want? (ie, if we dont make XX pips you dont pay)

thanks in advance and enjoy the rest of your day

ps, went long at 61 but this is a non hilda trade


spahiu said...

who's larry, mike and the gang? just curious...

duckfu said...

My major concern with a signal service would be:

1) Delivery: How fast and by what method am I going to receive the signals?

2) How often, and during what hours? Will the signals be sent out in real time 24 hours a day? For every 5 minute signal?

As to a guarantee, I would recommend against it. A poor trader can take system or signal and lose money on it. There are no guarantees in the markets, as it is in life ;)

Mark said...

(1) Expectations? Tradeable signals with good risk/reward and good winning %. By tradeable I mean they should include stop, take profit rules, and special considerations (if any).

(2) I think every signal service should include a free trial period. It could be very short (few days). Otherwise, I assume the service's business model is to collect the first month's fee (and then never see the customer again). If the service is good, you should be able to afford a free trial.

(3) 300 pips/month, I guess. Anything consistent would be fine, though.

(4) No guarantee necessary. If I get the trial period, and after that I give you my money, it's yours.

Joesph said...

I'd need verifiable account results as well as ongoing support through e-mail/chat.