Thursday, July 14, 2005

Wednesdays Trades

Well, very happy man now - since ive perfected hilda to near enough zero discretion its made really good pips in any market conditions.

This week ive took literally hundreds of pips with the Hilda Baker Forex Trading System and yesterday was no exception.

Trades for yesterday are:

Grail +135 pips - actually puts grail into profit for the month (so far)
Hilda Baker +64 pips

so total is 198 pips for the day - hilda actually could have produced more but was a busy day for me so i didnt take all the trades on offer.

Today im launching Hilda to my group just to test the understanding of it - this will probarbly go on for a week or two to make sure its easy to understand and follow and then ill get the training materials done ready for its official launch.

good luck on your trading today


Big Pippin said...

Congratulations Soul! Any chance there will be a free trial of the system :) Or at least a demonstration of the system in action? That would be awesome. Thanks for all your hard work. Email me anytime at . I also have a trading blog at Feel free to check it out anytime. Maybe you can even comment on my trades and make suggestions in your spare time. Thanks again.

Soultrader said...

no free trial matey, sorry. system will be for sale soon enough :)

nice blog by the way :)

spahiu said...

i won't be a customer but onther system around might help a few... hope u still keep some sort of public record of the hilda's trades.

Big Pippin said...

By the way, what is your grail system? Did you develop it as well?

Soultrader said...

yes, me and another guy - its not a big pip taker but its only had one losing month in 3 years - average pip take is 250 a month - regular as a pensioner on laxative :)

RunningTurtle (as seen on MoneyTec) :) said...

Why bother selling system if it so good ? I would not sell it to anyone... You know it is such a big effort: make a website, blog to as marketing tool, presentations, videos etc. Why don't you just take a few thousends Pounds and multiply it with your systems, isn't it easier :)?

Soultrader said...

good question rt - ill answer t in a blog posting tomorrow