Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Wednesdays Trades

today's trades are listed above.

Its been a bit of an inactive day for me today as 1) had hilda systems to send out and 2) had to take the wife to hospital to get some results. Don't worry, the news was ok.

So, ive taken just 3 Hilda trades one of which i took live on moneytec chat this morning (sorry, was just spur of the moment).

I couldve taken more today with more 1 and 5 min trades however with the hospital looming and with a manic email inbox i just didnt have the heart

anyway 31 pips for the day is cool by me and takes the week so far to 145 pips for 10 trades - 9 of which were winners. so 90% so far this week


Anonymous said...


have you thought about using ? That way, any doubters will be silenced forever...

Soultrader said...

yes i have - its crap though - ever tried actually placing a trade signal on that thing??