Saturday, August 13, 2005

Month to date

So far for august then 346 pips and 80.6% win ratio.

This week has been fun with a rather ranging market weve still managed to get some pips in - 191 pips for the week with a day out at that.

Shame that the daily signal on Thursday didnt pay off, next target for possible reversal is around 1.8270-90 and as the 1.8300 number is usually a bit of a price magnet then i'd say that was the one - then back down again. Time will tell of course and im not predicting the market just following the probabilities.

There are also suggestions backed up by the analysts that indicate a downmove to 1.64 in the next few months.

These dont really matter to me as im an intraday trader but as always best to be vililant when around these numbers.

I hope youve had a good week yourself and got some pips in the bank.


spahiu said...

u having a sale on hilda :) or someone is messing with you?

LLoyd said...

Really enjoy going through your (and others) scalping trades eventhough I'm on a rather different strategy. Have linked your site and any chance to link me back?

Soultrader said...

someone must be messing, what have you seen?

spahiu said...

well on t2win and on fxreview someone mentioned something about ebay :)..must be a hoacks ...hope i spelled right

Soultrader said...

ahh, yes, complete hoax - would you buy from someone with a zero feedback on there lol - specially when all they have done is copy my page.

whoever it is tho thank you, youve just driven a hell of a lot of traffic to my site :) lol

spahiu said...

that's always nice....notice that those who posted on ebay are 1 day old member and same with those who mentioned this on the forums.....probably baruch

Soultrader said...

more than likely, sad bastard lol

Soultrader said...

for those commenting that the sheet above ays 'holy grail system' on it - the sheet is also used to track the grail system - hilda is not the grail system and even if it was 'grail' is just a name i gave it and doesnt mean i think it's the holy grail.

jeese, you just have to put one foot wrong eh?