Thursday, August 11, 2005

Wednesdays Trades

yesterday was a good day for the system - cant put my hands up to taking tham all and missed the best one as was training at the time on another pair.

However 67 pips for the day is cool.

Hilda says that we have reached the top of cable at 1.8005 or thereabouts on a daily chart and should expect a retrace to around 1.77 at least before any further upmove.

It will be interesting to see if this comes off as ive never really studied hilda on a daily chart.

Im out all day today so i wont be taking any trades or reporting back. As such, and just to test out hilda, i have a small short position from 1.80 - it did already go some 30 pips into the green and as such any hilda player wouldve taken some profit before it came back for another pop at the top. Im going to leave this one in though with a stop at 1.8050 just to see how it fares

Have a good day trading. I might just write a small article for you before i go on success definitions - if not then ill do it tomorrow or over the weekend.


dreads99 said...


i use to follow you on moneytec livechat and you held positions for the long run getting 60 -100 pips . You seem to change to scalping . Do you seem to have more success in the long run scalping ?

Soultrader said...

i just take what the market has to give. The trades i list on here are the hilda system trades - some run for ages and some are smaller - lately the system has been giving smaller moves.

note: not every trade i take are listed on here but i only list the 'legal' hilda trades