Monday, October 17, 2005

Monday - what a day!

Well, for a Monday it's been a hell of a day hasn't it.  Long one for me though and started very early.
In fact I couldn't sleep at all last night - I had the usual Sunday afternoon nap which just went on far too long and when it came time to go to bed I was wide awake.  So, with the wife happily snoozing upstairs I opened my charts - the market seemed to be moving well and I caught a reversal from 1.7651 to 1.7705 for 20 pips and then went long from 81.  closed that one too early though for just 8 pips to give me a total of 82 before bed - decided to quit whilst I was ahead and get some sleep.
then I overlaid and it was 8:30 before I got to the pc.
I made the dreaded mistake that most traders do and thought I was well in 'the zone' and proceeded to give back 34 of the pips I'd made - well, you know the story.
before I really got into self destruct (yes, we all do it) I took a break for a while and came back to start regaining them. tentatively I took a short from 7591 and got em back plus a bit more - although I did close  too early.
for the day its +87 and I'm retiring happy that at least I didn't give the whole lot away!
Everyone is starting to feel the market might go long now, but we are expecting lots of bad news out of the UK this week so don't hold onto any beliefs that the market has had enough of short. - just a heads up is all, trade what you see not what you think :)
back tomorrow
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