Friday, November 04, 2005


Sorry for the total lack of updates of late and there wont be any more for the next week or so.
Im off on holiday on Monday for a week in the sunny climbs of Gran Canaria.
Before i finish off today (friday) ill be placng a long position trade on cable with the view that on Monday or Tuesday we will see a turn in the market which will break new highs by the end of the week - for those who are part of the hilda crew just take a look at the daily chart on the new setup weve been convering this week and you'll see why im looking long.
The position will only be small relatively speaking at £5 a pip with a stop at 1.7370 which is see as below major major support
im in now - whilst writing this, entered at 1.7500 - the 7370 stop is a risk of 130 pips for £650  with a target of 1.8200 = 700 pips = £3500 so r/r on this trade is around 5:1 if target is met - dont think it will be hit by my return, a more expectant figure of 1.80 will do
back on Tuesday 15th so keep an eye on the trade for me wont ya :)
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