Friday, December 02, 2005

Friday Close

Ok, had enough today -buggar all this morning but had some fun with nfp this afternoon.
went long at 1.7291 and closed half at +75 the other half at break even believe it or not - was hoping for this to go position trade- the weekly chart looks to me to be a good long position - last weeks chart ended with a hammer bouncing off the 200sma and providing we can close above 1.7286 today we should be in for a higher finish next week.  I dont think it will be a proper trend reversal on the weekly as the monthly still bearish but i think this will see a bounce for the next week or three PROVIDING that we close above 1.7286 tonight.
I also took an added trade at 1.7355 which closed -10 based on a one min slo
so for the day +50.5 pips full up and for the week +205
have a good weekend
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