Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Happy New Year

Hi folks - all the best for the new year to you all.
Ive not been posting trades cos to be honest i couldnt be bothered.
This year is going to be a very big one for me with managing money for others. I have gained two such accounts and the first started on 3rd Jan.  as such my own intraday trading is taking a backseat for a while as managing makes me more..
The biggest concentration for me will be grail and im now running two grail accounts of my own - one of which is ran differently and purely for monthly income as opposed to building the big pile of money as shown on the million pound experiment.
Ill still be posting in here - just not several times a day.
catch you soon.
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spahiu said...

soul u still and admin over at moneytec?
i can't acces any page nor the chat, i get a message that says i have my IP banned, as far as i understand i'm not the only one in this situation...
this is a somewhat odd ideea can u bann my IP and than unbann it? :) perhaps this might work..

Soultrader said...

i am still mod mate but dont have a clue why thats happening - suggest you drop a line to - he's one of the site owners

spahiu said...

i got it sorted..thx for the support... when u get a chance you might want to update the link to my site to ... decided it's time for a new more modern