Saturday, February 11, 2006

edgefinder results

ok, continuing from last week and the new system which ive called edgefinder.

it had a bad week - results are posted below (click the pic for larger) It lost all the previous weeks gains so time for some tweaking. this week im running it at a slightly lower setting as there were some trades that wouldve been winners that did not quite trigger.

Im also going to ask my programmer if he can look at the code and insert something that says it doesnt trade between 1:29 and 2pm gmt to avoid the news times - might also see if we can avoid the 9:30 uk news time for half an hour. it was mainly news items that gave the fails you see.

for this week though i am just going to run it as is on the new parameters just to see if that makes a difference. Note that times on the report are MIG MT4 time which is GMT+1

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