Saturday, February 25, 2006

hiya, business as usual

sorry ive not been posting of late - been working on some potentially exciting stuff you see.

now its time to test them.

the first one im holding on moneytec at this link, its only weekly so no need to check every day

as of Monday ill start posting my trades again using the hilda system and ill also highlight the edgefinder entries.

some have asked why am i messing around when i have hilda to use - if its so good why look at other stuff, i'm asked.

answer is simple, I want four good working systems that utilise different entries - four systems and then im set. t the moment I have Grail which is my set and forget, Hilda which is my intraday. I want another intraday and also a longer term strategy which is the one im testing on the moneytec page above.

anyway, have a good weekend and take care. check back monday

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