Tuesday, March 21, 2006

new orders

Dear Bloggers
a slew of orders tonight so lets see if any trigger tomorrow
note all orders are limit orders and are 'if hit'
also due to the large amount of signals tonight and also the fact that I am still 'honing' this method these positions will be very small to limit my risk.  This is being played on a live account though (dont believe in demo's) - on saying that they are small i still stand to lose a fair amount if they all go tits up so wish me luck!
eurusd short @1.2069 stop 1.2219
gbpusd short @1.7443 stop 1.7610
usdchf long @ 1.3050 stop 1.2795
usdjpy long @ 117.43 stop 115.40
gbpjpy long @205.17 stop 204.97
eurcad short @ 1.4031 stop 1.4235
cadjpy long @ 100.95 stop 98.90
gbpchf long @ 2.2790 l stop 2.2605
eurgbp short @ 0.6913 stop 0.6963
gold short @ 544.90 stop 559.00
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