Thursday, March 16, 2006

stops move

stops moved as follows
usdjpy = 117.70
gbpusd = 1.7390
targets: - i may or may not close half or full positions at these levels on the following currencies
first target set for euro 1.2214
first target set for usdchf 1.2840
first target set for gbpusd 1.7675 but need to see how it reacts to 1.7621 and 1.7648
Yen is currently at a significant support point and i may close it in the morning if things dont look good.
comments - cad was stopped out today, the stop was too tight as the day finished back in the intended direction - a lesson has been learned. also another lesson learned on the size of the potential entry candle and ive thought of a better way that could have saved the jpy trade from being so far in the red before the turnaround - interesting
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