Monday, April 10, 2006

monday first session

OK, back in intraday mode then - im using only the 1,5 and 30 min charts at this point.
all trades will be based on hilda setups coupled with the thing i got from lucy which helps pinpoint profit taking and possible reversals.
As ive not traded intraday for a while im going to target just 20  pips per session - 2 sessions a day 7am - 11am and 1pm - 5pm for this week and ill be happy to take them in small bites. it may take me a while to get back into this after 3 weeks position trading.
all cable trades and all times are BST (british summer time which is GMT+1) and all rades have an automatic stop loss at 24 pips
08:00 short 1.7455 closed 7451 +4 pips
08:09 long 1.7454 closed 7461 +7 pips
08:16 short 7455 closed 7456 -1 pip
08:23 long 7457 added at 7451 closed 7456 +5 and -1 pips
taking a break now for 30 mins - coffee time
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