Friday, April 07, 2006

rss feed

Hi folks - got my rss feed working now so i thought i'd tell you how to use it
First you need an rss reader - one of the simplest ive found is rss reader which you can download for free at
when you have it installed just clik on the 'add+' button and copy this into the box that pops up
then go into the preferences and change the update time to once every 10 minutes.
now whenever i post to the blog you will know about it and will be able to read it without coming to the site every time - good eh :)
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spahiu said...

i was reading your blog using the rss feed provided by blogspot but it stop working this week.... you could put the RSS link somewhere in the right, don't think it's a great ideea to crowd all the posts with that just my two 0.02$ :)