Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Do you want to learn to trade?

Hi, long time no write :)

Just thought i would let you know about a great service that's aimed at helping you to learn to trade.

It's basically a chatroom, but much more than that.

During the day several forex traders from around the globe are in this room showing examples of trades they take and making calls live as it happens.

It is not just a signals service - these guys actually train you how to trade.

It's ran by a friend of mine in New York and occasionally I plan to do some training sessions myself in there also in which i will focus on systems development and psychology issues in your path to being a trader. At the moment i myself am not in there much but the guys who are training are good.

The great thing about the room is that it uses real time voice and also features constant screenshots that the traders use to show exactly what they are looking at.

They dont just say - ok, im going long cable here - they actually explain as the trade is setting up what they are looking at and why they are considering a trade.

I dont get paid for this before you think - 'oh, this is a scam' but you should know that after 10 day trial period there is a charge OR you use one of their brokers to trade so they get the kickback which then means you get the fees back as a refund from the brokers.

Im plugging this on here for two reasons. 1. cos my mate is running it and i think this is a great thing he's doing and 2. the trading and information that goes on in there is in my opinion priceless.

I think that you will think the same. You can sign up for a 10 day trial anyway with no cost at all and see what you think, so there's nothing to lose.

check out the website at and tell em soul sent you :)

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