Saturday, November 04, 2006

Gordon Brown you Tosser

Well, time for a weekend rant :)

Yesterday I was watching the news at 10 and heard the story.

Bankrupcies in the UK are now at the highest levels since records began.

It really does not suprise me. This 'marvelous' economy that Gordon Brown is so proud of has been paid for on the never never. What does suprise me is that the vast majority of the brisish public cannot see it.

Think about this - when Labour came into power in 1997 they had a golden handshake from the tories with a positive bank account of billions. I don't know the figure exactly but it was a golden opportunity and Gordon Brown blew it.

Labour have always been 'tax and spend' but Gordon Brown has taken it to a new level. This scottish fool has taken that golden legacy and squandered it on hundreds of thousands of civil servant jobs, qwango's and silly initiatives that have not worked because they had thicko's like Prescott coming up with the idea. I mean come on! who in their right mind put a fucking cabin boy as second in command of the country. Prescott is for another day and another rant anyway.

We are now a country that is billions in debt - to the point that the world bank are getting very nervous about our future. Thanks a bunch Gordon.

I cannot believe how the majority of the country cannot see what they have done to us.

Credit has been so easy to get and as the intrest rates have been low they've just piled on the debt. The average briton is now £8,000 in debt - now that isnt a lot to you and me but the average wage in this country is around £20k pa IF you are lucky.

Gordons slimy smile has been paid for on a credit card - as has the british economy. He has done nothing to warn people of what they are doing - just continued to do that slimy smile and spend spend spend.

Ive been saying to the wife for the past year that things will be turning sour very soon. There is only so long that you can keep this up. Gordon Brown didnt plan for 3 terms in office - his plan was for 8 years and then to leave the tories with the shit to contend with. But he didnt realise how gullible the vast majory of this country is and they got voted in a third time.

He must've been crapping himself - that's why he's so trying to oust blair and claim the crown - it's the only chance he has because the cracks are starting to show - just as they did in 1979. The country will not return him to power at the next general election. Not through this but through Iraq - I dont care what the reason is as long as they are gone

Bankrupcies up, companies closing, hospitals being closed before they are even opened because they are in debt - the signs are clear.

The country is going to the dogs, i really hope that people see sense and do not return this scottish asshole to the biggest office in the land. I cannot think of anyone less capable.

If they do, will the last person out please switch off the lights.

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