Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Hi all, I'm back trading with hilda againand this is soooo cool.

I now have a way of adressing the blog directly from my account with Mig Investments.

It uses an expert advisor that automatically emails the blog with my entries and stop moves and also any trades I close.

on each expert i can also add comments to go with the trade.

Ive changed the blog so it only shows one days posting on the home page so in theory you will only see todays trades.

what you will not see is when a trade is stopped out so you have to watch the stop levels i post.

Most of the time this is how a trade ends - I dont tend to close trades myself, choosing instead to follow trades with a moving stop - i will cover this for you sometime soon in an article.

In the meantime, as the trades appear please ask any questions using the chat box to the right.

I've just reset all the posts ive been experimenting with so from now on I should be posting only genuine trades. :)

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