Wednesday, December 06, 2006

ok, fun time

Ok, listen carefully.

Ive now made my new robot trader so it will email the blog automatically when it does anything.

Ive also made one which will post my discretionary trades also.

Heres how it will work.

The new robot is called the Plodder - so called because some trades take ages and also because it's on a 4 hour chart. for example my short usdchf trade has been running since the 20th and is still in.

if you see a plodder email then that is a real live autotrade. you will see entries and exits and stop moves also - it emails the minute it changes, enters or exits a trade. - note that the plodder does not have an initial stop until it's trailer kicks in.

Please note that i already have 6 trades running and if there are any changes to those trades you will also see them. The only time the expert will not send an email is when the trade is taken out on it's trailing stop - i'm working on that though and hopefully it will do this in the future.

The discretionary trade expert operates exactly the same way - you'll get entries, exits and stop moves.

Lets hope it works right :) - first thing i'm going to test it out on a quick demo trade so ignore the first one - after 3pm trades will be real

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