Monday, February 05, 2007

Trading expert experiment 2 - Trident

Hi all.

Time for another automatic trading experiment then.

Ive been working on a new autotrading system which looks like it has real promise.

The tests suggest an up to 75% win / loss ratio complete with bigger winners than losers on average so looking good.

The system called Trident is to be traded on a live account and you can follow it's progress.

At the moment this is the information I am happy to give you :

  1. The system is traded on the 30 minute chart.

  2. Some trades can last days, some only minutes.

  3. The system is exited via four ways, a stop, trailing stop, take profit or system closing signal.

  4. Each pair has different settings, however this system does not use indicators and is mathematically based.

At the moment I have 2 pairs running on the system however more will be added as we progress to a probable 5 - 10 pairs.

The autotrader will post trades in real time to a new blog. this is done via email and sometimes for some reason they don't appear in the right order on the blog - I can't do anything about that and i'm buggared as to why it happens??? - any idea's anyone?

The autotrader WILL tell you when all the following actions occur:

  1. trade enters long or short

  2. The symbol traded

  3. The entry point

  4. The stop loss

  5. The take profit

  6. when the trailing stop kicks in a single post will say what the trailing stop distance is.

  7. The trade closes on a close signal from the autotrader

The autotrader will NOT tell you when the following actions occur:

  1. The trade closes on the take profit

  2. The trade is stopped out

  3. The trade closes on the trailing stop
So basically you do have to track the trade on a price chart to know when it's dead. However to help you there will never be more than one trade per currency pair running. so if you see a post 'New Trade' then you will know that the previous trade has ended.

there, thats about it - if you have questions please use the chat box on the right.

The new blog for the signals can be found at

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