Sunday, March 04, 2007

New Blog Purpose


This blog is now changing it's tack. It's basically a place where you can ask your questions to me as an experienced trader or just share your views on market shit etc.

I have decided to totally abandon the forums around the Internet and now agree with Dirk De Troit - they are social clubs for losers. well, we cannot all be winners in this game can we.

every time i go into chat rooms or forums it seems like I'm regressing into a former life and going into the dungeon of hopelessness.

it also seems that those who cannot trade to save their life want like crazy to give me advice, like they have the pearls of wisdom that i lack.

I'm always open for some serious discussion, but come on, a one year trader telling me that i should be using trend lines ???? There he is with his poxy $1 a pip trade and I'm trading over $1000 a pip and he's giving me advice??? what a crazy world.

so anyway, Moneytec, Strategybuilder, Elite Trader, forex factory etc - I've left em all and won't be going back so this is the only place you will find me from now on.

Its an open discussion for Q&A so feel free to comment or use the chat bit on the right - please though don't start giving me advice - what i don't know now i'll have to learn by mistakes and not by some newbie with an ego bigger than mine was :)

bring it on.

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Peter said...

Hi Soul,

Ive had a real struggle with accepting that the forex is a neutral market and that anything can happen, in fact, so much so that i flip a coin every time before entering a trade to remind me i have as much control in predicting heads or tails as i do in getting the market to do what i want or predict. As tedious as that sounds it helps me to not take the loss personally and to keep my psycology in check.

Am interested in knowing what it took for you in your trading walk to switch your psycology to that of a winning mindset.

And yes i am a 1 year old trader trading $1 lots however sod it, i've learnt enough to realise that the key to being successful is by thinking probabilties and not searching for holy grails of signals and indicators.