Monday, March 03, 2008

Managed Forex Accounts Update

Sorry for the lack of updates of late. Just been so busy with stuff like signing up with a new capital management company in the states etc.

Account wise i didnt do so well in the back end of 2007 - there were no large losses or anything, just no good gainers. November had a single digit percentage loss and december had very small losses also.

Cyborg was not performing as expected and so I took the decision to reccomend my clients to move the account onto my more successful and sedate Delta 7 programme before it eats away at the gains from August.

Delta 7 has much more historical trading and is my 'workhorse' trading method. Until recently i was tied to using this only with a single investment house in the USA but have since negotiated the right to place my own clients on the programme.

This past month Delta 7 produced 7.7% gain on the month which is about average for the method traded at a modest 3:1 leverage.

Please email me for full details should you be interested in managed accounts.

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