Sunday, November 16, 2008

new week

Sunday night always a bit of a nail biter - will it gap? will it go my way?

well it didnt gap and all still going as expected.

usdcad still setting up for a potential 'fool me' trade, would need to drop from here and then go to 1.1300, long signal would be triggered at that level. - I'll explain it i it comes off next week.

It wouldnt suprise me this week if we did see more of the falling pound but you never know, cable is ready for some serious retracing back to 1.56 ish to test that level that stemmed the third fall. so would need some good news to make that happen. all the ellioticians are saying it was wave five, or is it the b move etc etc.

take my advice - all that is bollocks. just follow price and give it room. just learn to manage risk and forget the direction you want to choose - far too much time is spent on your 'system' or decision. learn to manage risk and you'll do ok.

So funny last week seeing Gordon Brown talk about tax cuts, the one man that made taking money out of your pocket without you knowing it asks for tax cuts - amazing!

Funny thing is he's going to borrow money to try to buy himself out of a recession. - another 20 billion or so to give you in tax cuts so you spend it - why not just not give it out and save it you fucking moron.

Let me ask you a question; if you were in a deep hole that was leaking shit from below that kept getting bigger and bigger - what would you need to get out? a bigger spade and some more digging so more shit an come in?

What a twat.

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