Friday, November 28, 2008

no trades

EURAUD closed for -200 which might upset some people because at one point it was 300 up. Doesnt matter, as i said earlier you get periods of losers until the market takes off again but you have to give them the roiom they need under the current conditions you are operating in.

Lets not also forget that it's just a 66% pair (pip value is just65.90 per mio)

Nothing interests me now so i guess we might be settling here for the month

Closed Results +2629 Pips since Oct 23rd 2008.

That makes 1458 pips for November, That's a good month. 700 pips for me and 758 for the pot - always make sure you pay yourself, ive known traders with 1mio accounts that drive around in a battered ford and then go and lose a shitload - always take some out when you win.

Looking forward to December as it's often been a boom month.

Stay Lucky


kevin.crawford said...

Been following your blog for a long time, since before the $1m experiment. Would you do me a favor? Swap the letter "w" for "t" on the footer of your RSS feed (now != not). That typo just annoys the crap out of me every time! :)

Soultrader said...

sorry, cant be arsed - you think i have nothing better to do?

kevin.crawford said...

I assume you have much better things to do. It was just a request, and a small one at that. Would have taken less time to fix than it took to reply to my comment. Just as it took me longer to write this than it will take to click "Unsubscribe."

Soultrader said...

less time for a web designer maybe, im a trader. as for unsubscribe , well let's just work out how much i've lost by that .... errm .... FUCK ALL! why should i care.

kevin.crawford said...

Heh, I like you. You're an asshole who doesn't care what the world thinks of him. I completely respect that. Thank you for the knowledge and experience I gained from your earlier posts.

I have to ask though... why blog at all if you don't care who reads it?

Soultrader said...

I read it - about every 3 months i go back and look over what worked and what didnt