Sunday, December 07, 2008

Sunday night 7th dec 2008

ok, update, sorry couldnt do this on Friday but was busy as hell.

eurchf stop was moved to 1.5425 which was hit and taken out for -100 pips.

usdcad went to over +500 at one point so the trailing stop kicked in (500 pip trailer) - stop is currently 1.2507 locking in an amazing 33 pips lol.

so far the month has done fuck all worth bothering with. some will be saying - "yes, but if you had taken say 200 pips on each trade then you would be well up now" and yes, i would - but i dont trade that way - all i want is one good trade a month that makes say 1000 pips and i'm made - to find that one trade takes some shit shovelling.

so far weve had lots of minuses for a couple of hunreds and a few wins which matches em up

Closed Results +2594 Pips since Oct 23rd 2008.

This Month -35 Pips on closed trades

I dont sit here all day watching the markets - I have other businesses that i'm in to and so only trade for prob an hour a day and then just leave em alone.

Now, usdcad could go for new highs and properley break the top - i'll be having a good look in the next day or so and might start moving the stop up closer -0 lets see how it unfolds. currently +250

I note that it's now 87p for a euro - thanks a bunch Gordon Brown you fuckwit. he thinks that a weak pound will spur the recovery from imports - oi thicko!! they don't have any money abroad either you thick scottish twat!


NEW TRADE SHORT CADCHF@0.9574 SL 0.9720 -nice low risk trade - retrace from the downtrend on friday leaving it at a clearly identifiable resistance level to short.

another interesting one - even tho i got stopped out of this on Friday im back in

EURCHF short from the open on @ 1.5529 and a 100 pip stop
- some serious resistance around here and i still see a downtrend so still worth a punt.

Nothing else interesting - stay lucky!

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