Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Losing count now LOL

ahh, just one trade away in the big scheme of things

usdchf closed on stop for -149 and -260

Results so far - February 2009 -1136 pips on closed trades

Results so far - 2009 +411 pips on closed trades.

what a bastard lol - no, really, this is where the fact that i use 1:1 leverage and choose low risks come in - when you look at it it's only really two trades from recovery - this is the life of a trader - sometimes you win win win, other times you lose lose lose lose - the key is making sure that overall each single trade is small in risk but that when you do win it covers the losing pot and then some.

Im sure some watching this are sniggering - ohh look at soul screwing up - and that's fine, feel free to snigger - ive seen lots of sniggerers - funny how they change often though and after about a year they dont seem to be around sniggering anymore.

anyway, I know some out there understand the big picture and will be watching with mere interest.

I'd like to go short cable right now but the risk is too high at 500 pips. if we see 1.44 then i might join the party but time will tell.

A lower risk however is eurgbp with about 400 for a profit approachiong 1000 pips, therefore:


GBPCHF looks interesting for a short also but the risk is again too high. Nursing a loss of more than 10% on the month is making me over cautious, roll on march when i reset the clock.

Stay lucky!

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