Sunday, February 01, 2009

New Month - Feburary 2009

Doesnt time fly! already a 8.3% of the year gone.

What have you done with that time - all 744 hours of it?

Did you spend it stuck to a screen? or did you have a life?

The way I trade I have a life - I make no apologies for that, it's why i trade. Why do you trade? Money isnt everything you know - make sure you dont miss out on the things that money cannot buy.

Anyway, New month then so lets wrap up January

January Close + 1472 pips for 13 trades.

7 winners and 6 losers - bit like a coin toss that eh steve? - what does it tell you?

each trade win or lose was worth 113 pips

average losing trade was -102 pips.

average winner was +297 pips

Yes, the entry to your trade is important, yes the exit matters, yes the size of the stake is important - but trading is all about the risk and return. If your winners are worth more than your losers and you are around 50% or better then you make money. Simple.

Taking a low risk bouncer tonight for a punt


Nothing else attractive so that's that.

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