Friday, March 13, 2009

someone asked earlier if i thought this was the time for things to turn for me.

I certainly hope not is my answer - over 4100 pips in less than 6 months will do me anytime. that's 36% on account in six months. of course the questioner may have an account with fuck all in it so 36% of fuck all isnt so impressive - mine and my clients results arent on fuck all and are therefore quite impressive.

he then asked if a drawdown of 1500 pips bothers me or if it's par for the course

My answer is that all is going to plan, im still trading and i'm still here after many years. you can't make an omlette without breaking eggs.

If you play the 5 minute chart then a drawdown of say 100 - 200 pips would be par for the course. - I trade the daily and sometimes weekly chart - a drawdown of several thousand pips would be par for the course. If i played the monthly i would expect regular 5000+ pip drawdowns.

he asked if my thoughts would be the same if i was using leverage

my answer is i dont know, because i dont use leverage.

he asked if i questioned my 'system' at 1000+ pip drawdowns

my answer is this - I dont use systems, I manage risk.

He said a lot of things in a earlier post that were quite detramental to me - that post was deleted. he said that i get angry when up against the wall - my answer to that is no i dont because that would denote that i cared about the money and i dont.

my last answer to him is fuck off for good this time and leave this blog for people who have respect for a trader that's traded more money than you will ever see.

For those left behind......


GBPUSD closed +207

Results for March 2009 -99 pips on closed trades

Results so far for 2009 +234 pips on closed trades.

results live on this blog since Oct 23 2008 +4165 on closed trades

question, would you be unhappy with that? my clients would be happy with that percentage in a year. as luck has it they get more.

so Stay Lucky.

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