Monday, May 30, 2005

Day off - What day off!!

Well, so much for a day off!

Wife dragged me first to the wholesalers to buy a new vacum cleaner and other bits and bobs (total £230.00) and then off to the garden centre for plants (£45.00)

Of course now she's got plants then she needed a freshly dug piece of earth to put em into (3 hours hard graft)

Pleeze!! no more bank holidays for a while - im knackered!!

Anyway, got that sorted now and while she's planting ive done a bit of work.

The cable trade didnt kick in at all however swissy and eddy did today (swissy = USD/CHF, eddie = EUR/USD) - and took +21 on swissy and +14 on eddie so 35 for a day out - not bad :)

Also been working on the hilda system results and tidying them up for the Month of May - so far with one day left to play the results are astounding.

Total of 49 trades - 40 winners and 9 losers giving a pretty amazing 81% win / loss ratio for a total of +1075 pips

Of these pips just 37 pips were lost in the losing trades.

I think another month of actual results and some tidying up on making the method simpler to follow and it will be ready for launch.

PS, if you would like updates on when this blog is updated and when there is news of a change on just send an email to

Catch you all tomorrow - i may only be trading the grail again tomorrow cos theres lotsof orders to process from my online businesses.

Take care y'all and Keep the faith.

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