Tuesday, May 31, 2005

HIya, sorry the post is late today sir :) - two trades have already triggered but ive been far too busy to post - had lots of work to get done

also done a nice flash intro for the simple forex systems site - lemme know in the comments what you think of it.

Right then - trades open at the mo are as follows

cable long @8182
euro short @2329

swissy hasnt triggered yet so we will see if it does

im never 100% happy when cable and eiro are at opposites but thats the system so ya gotta play it :)

Im hoping to take some hilda trades later in the week when i have more time - just that having a holiday from my netbusinesses always results in a backlog of orders.

later peeps


spahiu said...

no ofense but you should give the job to a professional, "keep it simple stupid" your intro has nothing to do with simple, i like the curenccies pictures though.

Soultrader said...

thanks for that mate - must admit im more of a professional trader than web designer - however i did do that for four years :)

ive now changed the strapline thanks for the help