Monday, June 20, 2005

Busy Monday!

Well, what a day !!

spent the morning trading and the afternoon designing a new website - before i get to that tho heres the results of trading for today

Ive been looking at a modification of mark thingy's hi lo channel trading - added a couple of ma's an osma and triple screened it and its looking really quite good.

Im trading it on swissy whilst the grail trades run on their own

anyway - this mornings trades were as follows - all on swissy

+6,+4,+1,+16,+18,-3,+4,-5,-10,+19,+10 total = 60 pips

hilda had 4 trades before i retired her for the day -8,-9,+5,-8 and then gave up on her for the day for -20 - first losing day for hilda for ages - but i think most systems struggled today.

Grail got -13

now then - this new site - was commissioned for it so its nothing to do with me apart from the design - tell me what you think - its for a mobile disco based in Kings Lynn


spahiu said...

can't but wonder, do u charge for the website? and why this ones intro looks like the one u made sometime last month, i forgett when, sry.

Duckfu said...

Nice job Soul.

Looks almost like my usual trade tallies. Nothing like getting to a million by nickels and dimes, eh?

spahiu said...

just drop a line i can have them made for less, u just find the customers :)

spahiu said...

sry about my enghlish, i meant u can charge more and i'll do them for less :), we bouth win .... and no work for you :P