Wednesday, June 22, 2005

late entry

sorry for the late entry

Tuesday was a crap day for me - ended up -39 pips standard trading and -60 on grail

grail aint a worry cos it always catches up but my usual trading was poor today. i was looking at a 30 min down channel and didnt plot the 60 min up channel which cable met just as i was shorting.

lesson learned

anyway ...

Decided today that i need to look into a scalping strategy cos when the market is like this its not good to be a trend trader.

so ive begun to put one together and managed to pinpoint some good trades this morning.

todays results dont count tho cos ive got to get used to using it yet and modify some bits to begin with - however ive opened a demo account to trade it and ill post the results here as we go along


Anonymous said...

hi ST,

since u talked about "days like this", what do u use to identify such days, or u figure it out during the day ? tnx

Duckfu said...

Welcome to the Dark Side :)