Friday, June 24, 2005

end of the week

not done much trading today apart from Grail which finished up +17

not too good a week but +ve anyway at +78 for the week

got lots of work to do next week and as its summer ive decided that im going to trade grail only probarbly till september - as this is a long period ill be trading it on 3 pairs - eddy, swissy and cable

Hopefully next week will turn grail around for the month - it's up on a 3 pair trade but still down 106 pips on cable alone.

then again its not a mega pips strategy and nor is it designed to be - thats why you have to have a sizeable account to trade it to potential. Happy to say that that is now the case so off we go on 3 pairs - still going to take it steady for a bit tho trading probarbly 2 lots on each pair.

anyway, have a great weekend - and if you are bored try this brilliant Pool game that BB Mac introduced me to - very addictive - you have been warned!!

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