Friday, June 24, 2005

Morning Traders

Helooo there

grail finished at -9 yesterday - its not having a good month but then there are 6 trading days left to the month - could this be the second losing month on record? 2005 has been crap hasnt it!

Its currently -123 on the month but then that can be gained back in a single day - time will tell but it just shows how crap 2005 has been when the first losing month in 3 years was february and june could be the second!

Anyway, in the spirit of sharing i thought you might find this ebook useful that Rob Walton wrote - get a copy here and also have a look around the forum whilst youre at it :)

catch you later

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ArtHowe said...

Looks like a useful system. It made some serious pips on cable and euro majors the past two days. Great for keeping you in the market for people like me who tend to close winning positions too early. Needs careful filtering with other indicators before initiating a trade. Thanks Soul.