Thursday, June 30, 2005

Thursdays Trades

Started off really well today but been shaken about trading late afternnon by silly entries - tends to be my biggest problem is taking trades that arent there.

all cable trades today as follows

-10,+10,+1,+49,+20,-20,-20 = 30 pips

Grai +126 cable alone - eddy lost 46 and swissy lost 19 - makes me happy i only trade one pair with it really :)

this means that grail escaped its second losing month and actually ened up +49 pips on the month - not bad for such a crappy month and certainly better than a loss - so grail retains its 1 losing month in 3 years phew!

wont be around tomorrow as the wife is going into hospital for a proceedure at 9am - should have time to place my grail trades for the ay though but dont expect an update till mybe saturday morning.

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Livermore said...

Hi Soul,
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