Friday, July 01, 2005


got back from the hospital around 12 and at the pc for about 1pm

grail stopped at -60 today
took 52 pips on cable during the pm session

good week for trading all considered

have a good weekend folks - gonna watch war of the worlds tonight and ill give you a review


spahiu said...

well? how was it? it's worth the ticet or not?

excav said...

Excav here, Just a bit of a personnal message here, perhaps I should publish on moneytec, but anyway! I have been around various forex and futures chat rooms for the last 4 years or so and if you you stick around long enough and use a bit of common sence which is a bit sadly lacking these days (my personnnal opinion) you usally can work out the BStters from the rest. Anyhow I would just like to thank you from one of the (If I suspect hundreds Of) lurkers for your insights and help with various trading ideas. I thank you for your blog, which shows the real reality of trading (battling our own individual demons) ie: recording our LOSSES and profits.
I must admit I thought you were an self centered pom when I first started watching your replys in the moneytec forum, but after listening to your calls (good and bad) and and seeing various responces from them, I can appreciate your sarcasam. There really is no helping some people.
I guess I will be called as part of your system sales propaganda, but what the hell. I havent made any money trading forex yet (Shock Horror I have actually lost money)Which is totally due to my phsycology stuffing things up. But thanks to various people like you and others who give tidbits of wisdim, I am progressing through my apprentiship.
For the doubters, yes there are numerous sharks out there. But due dilligence, which basically means, do the hard work to find out what works for each of us individually.
Ultimately I think you must keep an open mind and above everything else you must believe in yourself.

Soul, thanks for your ideas

Soultrader said...

thanks mate - appreciated.

im the first to admit that in text i do come over wrong - ask anyone who knows me from vice and theyll tell you im not a bad guy :)

but i do get soooo frustrated when some people calling themselves 'traders' start asking the stupid questions like 'what is cable' and cant be bothered to look it up - quite simply i cant be bothered to tell em.

There is good money to be made in forex but like any job it takes time - as yourself this - if you have to study for 5 years to become a doctor and earn 50 - 100k a year - how long would you train to earn a million and more?

anyways, all the best mate :)