Monday, July 04, 2005

End of Day

now thats what i call a trading setup!!
anyway - nothing doing this afternoon - took another 20 and lost 20 too on 4 trades (2X-10 and 2X+10) but currently short cable from 99 with a stop at 98 - had enough now for the day so catch you tomorrow

Grail lost on cable today by the way - will update as the month progresses


spahiu said...

that's just too many, but if u do need the space u're better of with some large plasma screens.

Soultrader said...

yes, sounds good but just cos theyre bigger doesnt mean the resolution is any better so you cant fit any more on a screen anyway without em being unclear.

Now, if it was HDTV compatible i dont know what that would be like :) might buy a new one just to find out :)