Monday, July 04, 2005

Happy July 4th

Good Morning!

and a happy Independence day to all our american friends

As its a public hiliday in the US today i dont expect to see that much movement, just a nice slow trend i hope.

this morning has been a little choppy tho so maybe not. If its raining in the US then maybe the muppets will come to play.

Over the weekend ive taken further steps in the development of hilda. At the moment i have no problem describing it to the medium term intraday traders and also the longer term swing traders - however some will want to trade it from a one min chart so ive been refining this - what this means isthat release should be fairly soon within the next few weeks / couple of months.

Today using a 1 min chart ive managed to latch up -10, +17, +10, +10 and ill make a fuller report on this at the end of the day.

Public hols lend themselves to easy system testing so thats what im doing.

catch you soon and if you are trading today all the best to you :)

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Kardinal said...

Am looking forward to seeing Hilda... If it is anywhere near as good as 'Holy Grail'!!! Just didn't have 100k to spare without having no trading capital left to make it earn its living! Keep up the good work...