Wednesday, July 20, 2005

june 2nd half


Anonymous said...

Hi Soultrader,

Some questions about Hilda:

Q1. What are the average initial stop sizes like? 20..60 pips etc? I need this for position sizing.

Q2. You say you trade it intraday. What TF exactly?

Q3.Some stats:
- Max Drawndown
- Sharpe Ratio
would be helpful.

Any chance of a price adjustment for us Aussies? 2200 pounds is alot in AUD. :)

Cheers m8.

Anonymous said...

hi Soultrader, how can I contact you? I cant find any email adress of yours here. Thanks.


Soultrader said...

stops timeframes etc - will find that out if you buy it :) - whats a sharpe ratio?

max drawdown has so far been very small - biggest loser 20 pips and only ever had two losers together for 38 pips

Soultrader said...

email me - not that i think you are spam but i know how blogged email addresses get around the net