Thursday, July 21, 2005

Hilda launched

Ok, Hilda is now officially Launched - read about it here.


trevor - maidenhead said...

Hi SoulTrader I sent you a mail to
you website but got back what looked like an automated responce? So resent using different subject.

Re: My Automation interface to Oanda... CMC


Soultrader said...

sorry mate - didnt get it - write me at and let me know which email you sent to

and of course the content

sonvolt10 said...

Soul...i'm really intrigued and contemplating making the purchase, however, I'm not sure that only two months of results is a sufficient testiing period of time.

Isn't it possible that the system may not perform as well going forward? Is there a chance that the system can fail after a period of time, as most personl trading systems eventually do? What happens if after three months and you recognize that the system is not working?


John said...

sonvolt10, every system fails eventually, it's just a matter of time. If I were you, I would wait a couple of months to see how the system performs.

Good luck.

Soultrader said...

its a good question and can only be answered by waiting 3 months before you purchase.

Let me explain a little how it copes with the market - the system actually forces you to modify the signals you take according to whatever the markket throws at you - it copes admirably with trending days as well as it does with reanging days because of this fact.

Its kind of hard to explain without you having the system but i would stake my reputation as a trader on its effectiveness (and am i suppose)

I guess the best way to move forward is to wait and keep an eye on the results - as soon as there are traders setup with the systems they can verify the trading signals for you in the comments fields.

RunningTurtle (as seen on MoneyTec) said...

I have just found following description on your site:

"Hilda by the way stands for High Impact Low Drawdown Analysis as well as being the name of an old English actress now sadly passed away."

Dear oh, Dear...What kind of marketing is it ? Better change it a bit Soul...the part about sadly passed away actress won't bring new customers.

By the way it is a pitty that you did not decide to start a signal service - it is a good business in longterm. Some companies then start to manage fx accounts ... serious companies were created this way. Anyway, wish you luck with your system selling.

Soultrader said...

mate - i have been offered to trade 7 sigure accounts in the past and turned it down.

Im not interested in sitting here all day giving signals to people and lets face it - if they are paying then they expect you to be there all day and i cant be doing with that.

i got into forex for an easly life - not a hard one - i want to do less work not more.

I'd sooner leave a legacy of teaching traders how to trade with a solid methodology rather than coining them for months on end and leaving them in the lurch when i decide to stop.

aint interested in building a managed company - what for? where's the payoff for me? - more work, longer hours, more organising - why bother when i can just happily trade my own account and run my almost 100% automated websites?

nah, signal providers are mostly shite although with Hilda they would be good im sure - i dont want to be classed in the same box as those rip off artists that take forever without giving anything back thank you :)

The people astute enough to buy this will find out as have others just what my dedication is to customers.

Anonymous said...

You were offered to trade 7 figures accounts(so more than one) and you want to sell system so good for 2300 pounds and not more than 3 in a week???

Anonymous said...

I'll have to agree with runningturtle on this one.

Without an authorized trade report, or some other kind of proof that the system is really in this high in Win/Loss ratio, this whole blog looks like a Gorilla Marketing(tm) brochure.

We are looking at some excel sheets with 'imaginary' trades, which are supposed to be a holly grail system. c'mon ...

Create a live chat or mailing list and post your trades real time for a month ... if you then can acchive 90% win ratio, i'll be the first one to pay you not the 2000 but 20000 pounds for the system ...

Soultrader said...

yes. i wont sell more than 3 in a week because i will be spending a good half day with the buyers to make sure they understand it.

and i dont want to trade someone elses money.

yoiu need to understand something fundamental about me - i used to be a consultant trainer for large companies - and i loved doing it. We dont do everything for the mighty buck you know - sometimes its personal. ask any of the people that ive trained to trade for free.

spahiu said...

anonymous posts? and still wanting to express u're opinion... the world is a fun place, for some at least

graemenash said...

I'm part of the trading group with Soul that has had an early peek at Hilda, and although I haven't been following it myself I have seen all the other members of the group, trained in the Hilda method, making good consistent profits every day...

Graeme -

vexed-one said...

With the greatesr of respect Graeme your'e one of souls buddies and your reccomendation cant realy be taken as impartial.
Soul you have a captive audience of new traders at Moneytec ,how about demonstrating this altrustic streak you allude to by taking one of these guys and training him in your new system.
Let him post a little trading diary on here, or wherever you advertise Hilda, for all to see.
It would be a great advertisment, not just for your new system but, for all the pies you have your sticky little fingers in.
It would cost you nothing and might even change peoples opinion of you.

Soultrader said...

already have done - wilkie is one of my students and ive taught him the system.

mow youll say he's a buddy too and yes he is, but he wasnt till i took him on for training.

i guess whoever i took on then afterwards you would say "well, he's a buddy now"

cant win any way round here lol.

zupcon said...

anonymous and vexed and co

I was briefly a member of Souls trading group, and was given details of the original Hilda Baker system before Soul threw me out of his room, so no, I'm not one of his buddy's

However on the basis of my experience trading the original system all I can say is that I'm more than happy to pay in full for the latest version and I placed an order this afternoon. You may very well ask why and the answer is simple. I've already paid for this system time and time again trading the original version. Two small trades today covered at least a quarter of the cost. It took me a year of effort and at least the cost of this system in losses to become a profitable trader so Id say by comparison this is a bargain

Trading is a business, and all business involves an element of risk. There's a prevalent attitude amongst the Forex community that profitable systems should be handed to them on a plate and free of charge. Wake up, the world dosnt work like that

Soultrader said...

appreciated zup, maybe you can report results to the unsure when you start it. keeping the system secure tho :)

vexed-one said...


jake said...

will the hilda package be part of the planned Autumn seminar or will it cost additional to the seminar ?

Soultrader said...

I dont think ill be doing hilda at the seminar. will be tackling other issues i think.

but the agenda isnt set yet so i dont know